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Amla Powder is an ayurvedic ingredient that has been used for generations in India to achieve shiny, voluminous, long healthy hair. Amla is a powerhouse of nutrients and a great natural treatment for hair care. It aids in hair growth, reduces hair fall, reduces dandruff, controls frizz, helps prevent damage, and nourishes the hair follicles.

How To Use:

Dampen hair. Turn Amla Powder into a paste. Apply to scalp and root. Then massage down to the ends. Cover with shower cap for 30min to 1hr and rinse thoroughly.


1/2cup or 1cup of Amla Powder

A small amount of water (until you get a paste-like consistency)

Optional but encouraged:

Oil of your choice 1/2Tbs or 1Tbs

Oil Suggestions:

Coconut oil

Babassu oil

Argan oil

Almond oil

This product is available by pre-order.

Amla Powder

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